Why I Do What I Do

There are many reasons why I chose to, and continue to, work in the pet care industry but one of the biggest and most satisfying for me personally is the direct impact I can have with the owner and pet involved.

It is the rewarding nature of working closely with an owner and seeing a transformation that you could only have wished for, or offering continued open-minded guidance to a first time owner that makes all the difference in their confidence and thus their pets. All of this creates a relationship of being more than ‘just a dog walker’, and it’s these particular clients whom I develop a more special sort of relationship with, where I am more of an extension to their family.

I love getting postcard style messages from clients whilst they’re away on holiday with their dog, or pictures of their pet doing something silly or mischievous on a day off!

Helping clients whilst they celebrate amazing highs such as their wedding days and also supporting them through the lowest lows such as the horror of grief. This was something that never crossed my mind when I set out, but I am always so flattered to be involved in these moments, even if just a small part to assist them in reaching or getting through these milestones – that is the most satisfying part of my work and one that I am most proud of.